Show Logos

Below is the World of Asphalt logo available for use by exhibitors, attendees, and media.


The Utility Expo Colored
  • The World of Asphalt terms and logo are registered trademarks. Appropriate use of the terms andlogos is permitted for companies exhibiting in the World of Asphalt exposition who wish to promote theirparticipation in the show.
  • Use of the World of Asphalt terms or logo is not permitted on a product or service since such use might implythat the product or service has received the approval or endorsement of the show's owners, sponsors, andproducers.
  • Exhibitors at World of Asphalt may request permission to use the show name or logo on commemorative items to be given away to the show's attendees by the exhibitor. The request should be made in writing to Peter Kaufmann at, describing the proposed use with a statementthat such items would not be sold. Show Management and the trademark owners reserve the right to deny anyrequest that may be inappropriate, offensive or not in the best interests of the show.
  • The trademark registration symbol should be used with the show name or logo.