Hotel and Travel Information

Make the most of your trip with our hotel block and learn how to get to and around the show.


If you have questions or corrections that need to be made to your hotel bill, please contact the hotel directly. 

*Hotel and Travel information for World of Asphalt 2025 will be available in late Summer 2024. 

Beware of Unofficial Housing Offers

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Maritz is the official hotel provider for The World of Asphalt 2025 show and the only companies that can sell rooms within The World of Asphalt 2025 official hotel blocks.

Please be aware some third-party travel companies may attempt to solicit housing for the World of Asphalt 2025 show. These companies are not authorized by Show Management and may provide false information regarding the availability of rooms at hotels within the show hotel booking program.

If you are contacted by a travel company other than Maritz, please report this immediately to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC): . We encourage you to report anything you think may be a fraud, scam, or bad business practice. Click to learn more about impersonator fraud.

AEM continues to be actively engaged in support efforts to stop business impersonation fraud, click to learn more.


Maritz Global Events is the official hotel provider for World of Asphalt 2025. For questions, please contact Maritz customer service department: 

International & Domestic: (+1) (864) 208-3372 (Monday-Friday, 8a.m. - 4p.m. CT)