20 days of giveaways

We are celebrating the show’s 20th anniversary with our 20 Days of Giveaways sweepstakes!

Contest has ended!

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Prize Ribbion

Grand Prize: $100 cash (Check)

Diamond Money

$50 Cash (Check)

Winner of Cash

$25 Cash (Check)

Yeti Cup

Show Yeti Tumblers

Show Hat

Show Hats

Contest Winners
Name State Prize
Mark B. TX Grand Prize $100 Check
Shaun S. NY $50 Check
Kevin D. AZ $50 Check
Tony O. GA $25 check
Adam R. IN $25 check
Greg H. IN Yeti Tumbler
Simon C. FL Yeti Tumbler
Kim W. NY Yeti Tumbler
Jacob M. CA Yeti Tumbler
Aaron S. TX Yeti Tumbler
Henry A. CA Yeti Tumbler
Steve M. FL Yeti Tumbler
Nick K. MI Show Hat
Jon K. IL Show Hat
Brian P. CA Show Hat
Laura W. MI Show Hat
Ryan G. OH Show Hat
Karlie B. NY Show Hat
Scott P. OH Show Hat
Jon K. IN Show Hat

Contest Rules

Winners will be randomly selected and prizes will be given after the 20 days campaign. Read the full contest rules for more information.