World of Asphalt is celebrating 20 years of bringing the industry together by honoring the following companies for their contributions to the industry!
AFineLine Striping Services

Number of Employees: 5

Years in Business: 5

AFineLine Striping Services strives to provide their customers with the best service, workmanship, and materials the asphalt industry has to offer. They are passionate about customer satisfaction. A recent job they are proud of is a restripe project for Marriott.

American Asphalt Company

Number of Employees: 180

Years in Business: 100

American Asphalt Company has been servicing the South Jersey area for over 100 years. The company implemented the Caring Committee which helps various families within the company and in the community. In 2019, they were awarded the Top Workplaces in New Jersey and have been awarded the ABC STEP award (safety performance) several years.

Asphalt Restoration Technology
Systems, Inc.

Number of Employees: 12

Years in Business: 13

Asphalt Restoration Technology Systems, Inc. was presented the Top Contractors award for their Community Support in 2018 with The Sunshine Village after a hurricane. That same year, they were the only contractor able to service Disney World during the hurricane as one of their resorts had damage while guests were in house.

Atlanta Paving and Concrete

Number of Employees: 156

Years in Business: 23

Atlanta Paving and Concrete has completed several projects at one of the busiest airports in the United States. They are one of the four preapproved asphalt paving contractors for the Hartsfield Jackson Airport. They do more than just airports, but paving runways and taxiways are some of their proudest achievements.

Barriere Construction Company

Number of Employees: 575

Years in Business: 71

Barriere Construction is dedicated to the health of their employees and equipment. From weekly PM125s to scheduled service intervals and repairs, equipment maintenance remains at the forefront. One of their latest projects related to Total Process Reliability is their Resource Operations Center (ROC). The ROC office consists of a manager, 3 equipment coordinators, 2 trucking dispatchers and an equipment director who work side by side to ensure the field is getting the support they need to be successful. They review information such as work order status, lowboy schedules, cycle times, statewide GPS view of equipment, haul truck GPS and weather.

Brothers Paving & Concrete Corporation

Number of Employees: 180

Years in Business: 35

Brothers Paving & Concrete Corporation is one of DC Metro’s premier asphalt and concrete providers. They recently were recognized as one of the industry's top 50 contractors in asphalt repair, paving, sealcoating, and striping. In 2020, they are featured in Inc. 5000's fastest-growing companies in the United States. The company is also active in donating their time and resources to serve their community.

Casey Paving

Number of Employees: 5

Years in Business: 30

Casey Paving offers both residential and commercial paving in Reno, Nevada. With decades of experience, their focus is to deliver projects on time with exceptional standards. They are most proud of their new asphalt driveways and parking lots.

City Wide Paving, INC

Number of Employees: 25

Years in Business: 32

City Wide Paving is proud to have provided services for the Lucas Oil Stadium in downtown Indianapolis and the Lucas Oil Raceway. They also took part in the DigIndy Tunnel System that consists of 28-mile-long network of 18' diameter tunnels. City Wide Paving regularly performs asphalt services for local schools, churches, and other non-profit organizations. The company is a certified minority business enterprise by the City of Indianapolis.

Duininck Inc.

Number of Employees: 425

Years in Business: 95

Duininck Inc. services West Central Minnesota, South Dakota, Northern Iowa and North Dakota with heavy civil construction work. Their focus is to make their communities better and to keep employees their number one priority.

EZ Street Asphalt

Number of Employees: 8

Years in Business: 25

EZ Street Asphalt supports the industry in between road projects. Their product allows for quick pothole repairs. The company helps big events like the August’s Steel Challenge at the Big Piney Sportsman’s Club in Houston, Missouri. The project included filling potholes during a storm within 24 hours to prevent guests from having a bad experience as they arrived. 

Emery Sapp and Sons

Number of Employees: 1,300

Years in Business: 50

Emery Sapp and Sons is employee owned and believes that their employees are their greatest asset. They recently completed a project for Oklahoma DOT using willow notch wedge, which is the first overlay in Oklahoma to use this technique. In 2019, the company received an award for MODOT for quality paving on state highways. Emery Sapp and Sons frequently gives back to their community by sponsoring youth sport teams and activities. 

Flynn Brothers

Number of Employees: 200

Years in Business: 40

As one of today’s largest site contractors in Metro Louisville, Kentucky, Flynn Brothers first started out in 1973 with two brothers patching asphalt and paving driveways out of the bed of a pick-up truck over the summer. The business quickly grew over the years and in 2004, Flynn Brothers became an employee owned company. They have expanded to include asphalt material sales, site preparation and construction. 

Frontier Paving

Number of Employees: 6

Years in Business: 23

Frontier Paving specializes in commercial and residential asphalt paving. The company focuses on helping others by donating a percentage of their monthly profit to two children's hospitals. They also believe in not charging churches the cost of the material to give back to their community.

Granite Construction

Number of Employees: 4,200

Years in Business: 98

Granite Construction delivers infrastructure solutions for public and private clients throughout the Americas. The company’s Bellingham division recently received the Carol Minor Award for their completed project on Whidbey Island.

Hollingsworth Paving, Inc.

Number of Employees: 50

Years in Business: 40

Hollingsworth Paving, Inc. is a full-service commercial pavement contractor. The company has a close working relationship with FedEx and has completed work for their Headquarters in Memphis. Through their FedEx connection, they have been able to contribute to community service projects and other charitable works like St. Jude.

Pine Bend Paving

Number of Employees: 42

Years in Business: 47

Pine Bend Paving has won small business awards in their town. Located in Hastings, Minnesota, their mission is to deliver quality service while always putting people before profits.

Reliable Asphalt Products

Number of Employees: 30

Years in Business: 20

Reliable Asphalt Products is a full-service company with specially trained staff to support organizations in every phase of plant setup, production, and maintenance. They have been voted one of the top 500 fastest growing companies by Inc. 5000 and recognized in the top 500 by Entrepreneur.

Rogers Group, Inc.

Number of Employees: 2,200

Years in Business: 111

Rogers Group Inc., headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee, provides crushed stone, sand and gravel, hot mix asphalt and heavy construction services. Their Candora Asphalt Plant in Knoxville was assembled by the company’s ETN Asphalt Plants Crew - injury free and on budget.

Sapphire Gas Solutions

Number of Employees: 45

Years in Business: 15

Sapphire Gas Solutions works diligently across the United States to provide mobile and portable natural gas fueling solutions to asphalt plants to displace heavy fuel oils when gas pipelines are not available to be installed.

Zipp’s Sealcoating

Number of Employees: 2

Years in Business: 3

Zipp’s Sealcoating is woman owned and partially operated. The company provides residential and commercial sealcoating across Indianapolis to extend the life of asphalt.

Honorable Mentions

Adcamp Inc. -- Anwar Abushalfeh Construction Company -- B & N Grading, Inc., -- Baldwin Paving Co., Inc. -- Buckman -- Daniel B. Krieg Inc -- Gallagher Asphalt -- Global Paving and Maintenance dba Sunray Paving & Construction -- Green Construction Inc -- HERRMANN EQUIPMENT, INC. -- Jagoe Public Company -- K & K Conveyor / Mine Products, Inc. -- Kenco Engineering, Inc. -- Kenneth Clark Company, Inc. -- KM International -- Milano and Grunloh Engineers -- Mor-Value Parts -- Nationwide Mechanical, LLC -- P J Keating, Inc. -- PavementSoft.com -- Payne and Dolan -- R & D Asphalt Products LLC -- S.L Williamson Company -- Sloan Construction -- SME -- Spot On Performance LLC -- Stewart Bros Inc -- Strawser Paving