Exhibitor Education

Live and on-demand webinars exclusively for World of Asphalt 2018 Exhibitors

Get the most out of your experience as an exhibitor at World of Asphalt with these exclusive webinars. Show Management has designed these highly informative sessions presented by subject matter experts covering everything from hotel booking to lead follow-up strategies to maximizing your ROI. These sessions are less than an hour in length and are free of charge for registered exhibitors.

Upcoming Webinars

Date / Time Topic

February 21, 2018
2:00 – 3:00 p.m. CST
World of Asphalt 2018: Know Before You Go
There are hundreds of details you need to keep track of before you arrive at the show. When will my freight be delivered? Where do I go for a work pass? When can I set up my booth? Can I still order AV or lead retrieval systems? Where do I park? When can I pick up my badge? Who do I call for help? This webinar will address those common questions so you can have a great show. 
Learning Objectives:
  • Learn service locations and processes with exhibitor registration, logistics and shipping
  • Learn about freight and order timing
  • Learn who to call when you have questions
Presented by: World of Asphalt Show Management Team Reserve Your Spot

On-Demand Webinars

Best in Class PR: Basics Matter

An effective public relations strategy is a cost-effective way to gain editorial exposure for your company, get more leads, generate more sales and build a positive brand. Anyone can benefit from integrating PR strategies, no matter the size of your company. Learn how to make the PR process work for you!

Learning Objectives:
* Understand how to incorporate PR strategy to get your company noticed
* Hear best practices from other equipment manufacturers
* Learn what opportunities you’ll have onsite at World of Asphalt to get the attention of industry editorial staff

Presented by: Sandra Mason, AEM View Webinar
Exhibitor Registration & Lead Retrieval

Want to invite your customers and dealers to the show but not sure how? This webinar will walk you through the process of how to do just that while providing them with the added value of a discount on registration! We’ll also discuss the benefits and features of lead generation and what you can do to increase your ROI that just collecting business cards can’t.

Learning Objectives:

* Understand exhibitor registration processes for staff, customers, and dealers
* Learn about your lead retrieval options
* Learn how to view and use your lead data onsite to increase efficiencies

Presented by: Mercedes Fernandez, ITN View Webinar
Getting My Freight In & Out—How to Avoid Extra Charges

It seems simple, but there are many steps when shipping your items to the show. Learn how to avoid extra fees because you might not know what is included in the package plan verses what are the extra costs. We’ll clarify the process so you know exactly what is happening with your freight, both inbound and outbound.


Learning Objectives:
* Understand installation, advance shipment and marshaling yard procedures
* Learn the polices for crate storage and use of privately owned vehicles as well as what is allowed by Union Rules for movement of freight
* Learn important dismantling tips and understand outbound process

Presented by: Brian Larsen and Jaime Howell, GES View Webinar
How to Increase Your (Quality) Booth Traffic & Calculate Your Exhibiting ROI

Many exhibitors choose to participate in World of Asphalt because they want to meet with more decision makers. However, despite strong show attendance numbers, some exhibitors (perhaps even your company) still struggle to generate enough booth traffic to exceed their lead generation goals. Fortunately, there are a number of opportunities to improve your performance. In this webinar, Trade Show Strategy Specialist, Robyn Davis, will introduce several ways to get more of the right professionals into your booth and will walk you through a simple process for calculating your ROI (so you can track your progress and justify your continued efforts). Learning Objectives:

* Identify easy ways to increase your (quality) booth traffic...even if you’re new or just getting started.
* Highlight specific actions to improve your engagement with key demographics (like millennials) and through popular communication methods (like social media).
* Outline a simple process for calculating the ROI of your participation and list relevant resources to support your efforts in this area.

Presented by: Robyn Davis, WINH View Webinar
In-Booth Education: Tactics for Attendee Engagement & Improving Lead Generation

Hear from one of Show Management’s subject matter experts about in-booth education tactics to not only build your brand strategy but increase lead generation. We will provide you with the tools to develop education that build relationships that extend beyond the show.

Learning Objectives:
* Gain key tips on how to select presenters and topics that will increase booth traffic
* Learn how to develop content that drives long-term brand awareness and customer relations
* Learn how to prepare for your in-booth education (i.e. AV, handouts, scheduling)

Presented by: Brooke Konopacki, AEM View Webinar
Marketing Tactics & Free Options to Let Them Know You Are Here!

Learn about the tools World of Asphalt Show Management offers that will help drive traffic to your booth. Did you know you can order and mail up to 2,000 customized postcards--FREE? Each postcard will have a unique code for your customers to use to save on registration—helping you deliver value to them! ALL AT NO COST TO YOU!

Learning Objectives:
* Discover how to access the marketing kit
* Understand how to order postcards and/or high-deliverability emails
* Find out how to utilize your code to save your customers/prospects money

Presented by: Steve Suhm, AEM View Webinar
How to Navigate Your Free Promotional Marketing Kit

Learn how to navigate and utilize the tools World of Asphalt Show Management offers in the Marketing kit that will help drive traffic to your booth. Order up to 2,000 customized postcards, an unlimited amount emails and customizable show banners & logos. ALL AT NO COST TO YOU! Take advantage of these opportunities before the deadlines pass and you miss out on your chance at some FREE marketing.

Learning Objectives:

* Understand what is in the Marketing Kit
* Learn how to navigate and place different types of orders
* Identify key mistakes when uploading mailing lists and how to prevent them

Presented by: Aaron Sova, AEM View Webinar
Prepping for the Show: Deadlines and Dashboard Review

Now is the time to plan for Houston! Don’t wait until hotels sell out and service costs increase. Your AEM Show Management Team will show you how to book your rooms, walk you through the Exhibitor Dashboard features, and help you navigate through our Exhibitor Services Manual.

Learning Objectives:

* Review deadline dates to avoid increased costs and cancellation fees
* Understand what is in the Exhibitor Dashboard
* Learn how to navigate the Exhibitor Services Manual

Presented by: Bobby Hoffman, Rebecca Kettlewell, AEM View Webinar
Sponsortunities—Increasing Brand Awareness!

Learn about the great opportunities that are available to World of Asphalt exhibitors to increase your brand awareness on and off the show floor. Gain the additional visibility you need to keep your brand top of mind with show attendees through sponsorships.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn about opportunities for all exhibitors, no matter your budget or objective
  • Discover what data you can get post-show to prove ROI
  • Understand how extending your brand can benefit you
Presented by: Kathy Arnold, AEM View Webinar