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Indicators Show Marked Improvements in U.S. Economy
Several recent indicators have shown marked improvements in the U.S. economy and for manufacturing activity, particularly when compared to earlier in the year.
National Association of Manufacturers – 10/6/2014

Illinois senator wants highway earmarks to return
Illinois Sen. Dick Durbin wants Congress to start using a bad word again-earmarks.Speaking with the editorial board of Arlington Heights-based newspaper the Daily Herald, Durbin said the only way Congress will pass a long-term highway bill is to allow lawmakers to earmark projects.
Roads & Bridges – 10/2/2014

Advocates mark last gas tax hike anniversary
Transportation advocates marked the 21st anniversary of the last increase in the federal gas tax on Wednesday as they lamented the lack of movement in the levy that is used to pay for infrastructure improvements in recent years.
The Hill – 10/1/2014

Belarus boosting transport budget
Belarus is boosting its transportation budget in a bid to develop its road and highway links.
World Highways – 9/30/2014

New Malaysian highway projects planned for 2015
Malaysia is planning a series of new hew highway construction projects that will commence in 2015.
World Highways – 9/30/2014

Tax reform, highway bill 'doable,' Boehner says
Tax reform legislation and a long-term highway bill "are in the realm of doable" during President Obama's final two years in office, Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) said Sunday.
The Hill – 9/28/2014

Plans in hand for major Ethiopian road program
In Ethiopia plans are in hand for a series of major road projects. The Ethiopian Government has set out a program of road building contracts to expand the country's transportation network.
World Highways – 9/26/2014

US economic growth revised upwards again
The US economy grew at an annual rate of 4.6% between April and June, faster than the previous estimate of 4.2%, according to revised figures from the US Department of Commerce.
BBC News – 9/26/2014

NAM Study Details Economic Benefits of Infrastructure Investment
A new study commissioned by the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) and conducted by Inforum at the University of Maryland offers a view into the economic benefits the U.S. economy would reap with a more concerted effort to address the nation's infrastructure needs.
Rock Products – 9/24/2014

New highway investment for Moscow
A series of highway projects are either underway or being planned in Russian capital Moscow.
World Highways – 9/24/2014