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Driving the Future of Infrastructure: A Thought-Leader Dinner
On July 13, The Hill convened a thought-leader dinner to consider solutions to achieve long-term transportation funding, from policies to keep the Highway Trust Fund solvent, to opportunities for public-private investment partnerships, to what can be learned from strategies that have proven successful for solving large-scale issues outside of the transportation sector.
The Hill – 7/13/2015

New Asphalt Milling Guidelines to Reduce Airborne Silica
In March 2015 at World of Asphalt, new industry cold milling guidelines designed to reduce airborne silica particles on work sites were released.
forconstructionpros.com – 7/13/2015

Foxx hints at highway patch veto
Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx hinted Wednesday that President Obama might veto a temporary highway funding extension if Congress passes one this month.
The Hill – 7/8/2015

World of Asphalt 2015: Education, Exhibits, Attendees Grow to Meet Industry Needs
This past March, the 2015 World of Asphalt Show and Conference drew asphalt professionals from around the world.
Asphalt Pavement Magazine – 7/7/2015

Michigan appears ready to increase gas tax
With cherry pies in high demand in Michigan as the summer kicks into high gear, lawmakers there seem to be on a sudden sugar high when it comes to finding money for the state's ailing infrastructure.
Roads & Bridges – 7/2/2015

U.S. economy nearing full employment, bounced back in second quarter: Fed's Fischer
The U.S. economy probably bounced back to an annual growth rate of around 2.5 percent in the second quarter, and the labor market is approaching full employment, Federal Reserve vice chairman Stanley Fischer said on Tuesday.
Reuters – 7/1/2015

Where America's worst roads are - and how much they're costing us
The shoddy state of the nation's roads cost the average driver $515 in extra operation and maintenance costs on their car, according to the latest analysis from TRIP, a national transportation research group.
Washington Post – 7/1/2015

Six states increasing gas taxes on July 1
Six states are scheduled to increase their gas taxes on July 1 to help pay for transportation projects, according to the Citizens for Tax Justice and the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy (ITEP).
The Hill – 6/29/2015

House Ways & Means Committee to hold long-term highway financing meeting
The House Ways and Means Committee are scheduled to hold a hearing titled, "Long-term financing of the Highway Trust Fund."
Roads & Bridges – 6/17/2015

Major investment in Australia's transport infrastructure
A joint venture featuring John Holland, Samsung C&T and Leighton Contractors (Leighton) has secured a deal to build and design Sydney's M4 East motorway.
World Highways – 6/16/2015