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E. Gail Mize, One of the Founders of Astec Industries, Passes Away on January 6
Erbie Gail Mize died on Tuesday, January 6, 2014. Vice president of National Accounts for Astec Industries, Inc., Mize was one of the company's founders in 1972.
TheChattanoogan.com – 1/14/2015

Maine's LePage unveils $2 billion transportation plan
Maine travelers should prepare to see $470 million worth of improvements and maintenance on the state's transportation infrastructure this year which is part of a three-year plan unveiled by Gov. Paul LePage earlier this week.
Better Roads – 1/13/2015

Gov. Rick Snyder signs $1.3 billion plan for Michigan roads
Gov. Rick Snyder has signed a transportation infrastructure bill to spend $1.3 billion more per year to help fix Michigan's deteriorating roads and other transportation infrastructure.
Better Roads – 1/13/2015

Road maintenance crisis hits UK and US, as experts gather in Paris
The road maintenance crisis in the United Kingdom and the United States is deepening amid estimates that it will take millions of dollars to stop highway infrastructure from crumbling, including falling prey to potholes.
World Highways – 1/12/2015

Momentum builds in Congress for raising the federal gas tax
Record-low gas prices across the U.S. have given rise to fresh talk in Washington of raising the federal gas tax for the first time in over 20 years, with leading Republicans now saying a hike must not be ruled out.
The Hill – 1/9/2015

Nancy Pelosi says it's time to raise the gas tax
More and more members of Congress are starting to support an increase to the gasoline tax which pays for the America's transportation infrastructure.
Better Roads – 1/9/2015

Utah Fuel-Tax Hikes Likely to Rescue Road, Transit
Utah legislative leaders signaled Tuesday that the state's gasoline tax will almost surely go up this year - maybe by 10 cents a gallon - and will likely be restructured to adjust automatically once a year to keep pace with inflation.
forconstructionpros.com – 1/7/2015

Key GOP senator says gas tax hike on the table
The Republican senator in charge of infrastructure policy says his committee might look at raising the federal tax on gasoline to pay for roads.
The Hill – 1/7/2015

R. Barry Uber, former president of Ingersoll-Rand Construction and Mining Group, dies at 69
R. Barry Uber, a 30-year veteran of Ingersoll-Rand, passed away on Dec. 31 in Springfield, Vermont.
Equipment World – 1/6/2015

New poll shows 67 percent of people are against a gas tax increase
Two-thirds of Americans oppose the idea of increasing the 18.4 cent-per-gallon gas tax that's used to fund the country's transportation infrastructure, according to a survey that was conducted by SKDKnickerbocker and Benenson Strategy Group.
Better Roads – 12/19/2014