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Illinois considering gas tax hike
Illinois is considering increasing the amount of money drivers in their state will have to pay at the pump to help pay for transportation projects, Illinois television station WGEM reports.
The Hill – 4/13/2015

Illinois lawmakers tell Congress to 'man up' on transportation funding
Illinois' federal lawmakers and transit officials in have urged Congress to pass a long-term federal transportation funding bill before the May 31 deadline.
Roads & Bridges – 4/10/2015

Senators propose $3.9 billion construction budget, topping House's $3.8 billion plan
A bipartisan group of state senators rolled out a construction budget Wednesday that calls for $3.9 billion in capital spending over the next two years.
Fox Business/AP – 4/10/2015

Georgia Funds Billion-Dollar Transport Bill with 6-Cent Gas Tax Increase
The Georgia legislature passed a $1-billion transportation funding plan last week, which transportation consultants and state officials made clear was the bare minimum needed to bring the state's transportation system up to snuff.
forconstructionpros.com – 4/8/2015

Idaho Senate Approves Gas-Tax Increase
Idaho's state senate passed a phased-in 10-cent increase in state gas taxes Tuesday in the process of expanding a $20-million road-funding bill from the House into a $127 million plan.
forconstructionpros.com – 4/8/2015

Kazakhstan announces infrastructure investment program to 2020
Kazakhstan's deputy minister for investments and development Zhenis Kasymbek has said that about US$20 billion will be invested in development of all types of transport infrastructure by 2020.
World Highways – 4/8/2015

GOP chairman hitting the road to push for highway bill
House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee Chairman Rep. Bill Shuster (R-Pa.) is leading a "roadshow" in his home state this week to highlight a looming deadline for extending the nation's infrastructure spending that will be facing Congress when it returns from recess.
The Hill – 4/7/2015

U.S. Labor Market Throws Economic Curveball
The beginning of baseball season seems to return life back to a normal, predictable cadence. This month, however, the labor market threw a curveball and upset the reliable recent progress.
National Association of Manufacturers – 4/7/2015

Ohio Governor Signs Transportation Budget That Targets Billions for Roadwork
The website Cleveland.com is reporting that Gov. John Kasich signed a transportation budget Wednesday that will target billions of dollars for highway work that will spur hiring, bolster driver safety and allow new payment options when renewing your driver's license.
Construction Equipment Guide – 4/6/2015

Road paving plan proposed for Mozambique
An ambitious road improvement scheme has been proposed by the Mozambique Government.
World Highways – 4/6/2015