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Beyond Compliance: Achieving EH&S Excellence

"Beyond Compliance: Achieving EH&S Excellence" will provide practical, timely, and relevant information on managing current hazards and risks in the asphalt pavement industry. The conference, co-located with World of Asphalt 2015 in Baltimore, begins at noon on Monday, March 16, and ends at noon on Tuesday, March 17. This conference will feature world-class presenters and practitioners offering a laser-like focus on issues unique to the asphalt production and construction industry.

Monday, March 16

3:45 - 5:15 PM

Addressing Community Concerns Associated with Asphalt Plants
Bob Beyke, Milestone Construction; Chris Monahan, Lane Construction

Environmentally informed and active communities are increasingly concerned about emissions associated with industrial activities, including asphalt plants nearby their communities. Session will assist asphalt plant operators and owners in knowing what tools are available to help educate nearby community residents and dispel misperceptions.

Preparing for and Managing Regulatory Inspections and Emergencies
Richard Wobby, AGC of Vermont

Regulatory agency inspections at asphalt plants can be worrisome. This session will assist plant personnel in understanding what needs to occur when an inspector walks up to your gate or what needs to happen during an emergency.

Tuesday, March 17

8:00 - 10:00 AM

Safe Handling of Petroleum Asphalt
Barry Gundersen, Gundersen Consulting; Curt Benefield, Benefield Consulting

Handling of petroleum asphalt binder needs to be done with care due to the elevated temperature and potential fumes. Learn the proper way to manage acute hazards associated with handling asphalt at a mixing facility: burns and hydrogen sulfide (H2S).

Storing Asphalt Rejuvenators and SPCC Tank Inspection and Testing Guidance
Bernie Bigham, Chesapeake Environmental; Karissa Mooney, HollyFrontier Refining

Ever since the tank rupture and spill in West Virginia, state and federal agencies, and the public, are increasingly concerned about storage of petroleum liquids.  Understand compliance obligations associated with storage of asphalt and rejuvenators.

10:15 - 12:15 AM

Managing Asphalt Plant Odors and Emissions
Glenn Elliott, Asphalt Solutions; Dr. Laura Haupert, Ecosorb - OMI; Catherine Sutton-Choate, Astec Industries; speaker to be announced

Community concerns often focus on asphalt plant odors.  This session will identify technologies and methodologies used to reduce asphalt plant odors, mitigate "blue smoke", and control fugitive emissions.

Implications of the Silica Rule: Milling Machines and Exposure Assessment
Speakers to be announced

OSHA's new Silica Rule, once promulgated, will change the way construction workers address protection from respirable crystalline silica exposure.  Even though the industry has been active in working with regulators to ensure milling machine exposures are well-controlled, there are other aspects of the proposed Rule that will require construction companies to manage this hazard.